Monday, December 14, 2009

No more events for this year

This month me and nicubunu went to two events talking about Fedora and related topics. The first event was a presentation at the npo prolinux where, we had small 5 minute lightning talks, mine was about a couple of apache modules. For the event I prepared a pdf presentation, kvm servers(centos,debian) and some php code for a live demo of a file injection.

During the 5 minutes I managed to catch the audience's attention/interest with the attack vector being able to read system files from /etc, but my emotions got the better of me and I didn't finish well the presentation running out of time when I had to explain how to fix it using mod_security :). Just for the record I state that this was my first presentation in the lightning talk format. Spiking the anxiety part at the end of the lighting talk module I had the opportunity to deliver the full message when a couple of guys asked me questions about the presentation.

This brings me to the last of the events for this year, the Blug*OS*Conference where, well beard nicubunu enlisted me as a Santa helper/minion/elf.
At the conference my first impression was of sadness. I guess that the people who organized it had high hopes of visitors, based on what assumption, I don't know. Never the less we did our job, and covered the event - taking pictures - making videos and of course speaking about Fedora. I read the feedback comments of the official site about our presentation and they are ok. The two good points worth mentioning about this conference are: that I meet the tfm* guys and the fact that we shot a clip for a special friend.

PS: The tfm guys are very popular here since there linux distro is running on the servers of a local television.

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  1. s/minion/accomplice/g

    And the RLUG meets are branded "RLUG", not "ProLinux", with emphasis on the community, not on the NGO.