Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fedora - so easy even kids use it

So my aunt and niece visited me, the little one wanted to play on the computer so I showed here how to view pictures that we've made together.

Another day we played games online.

In conclusion Fedora is truly for everyone.

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  1. Yup it's for everyone, and at first you can think it's will be harder for a kid or for someone who never used a computer.. But guest what ?

    It's easier for a kid and for new computer user to learn how to use linux because they don't try to reproduce what they were doing on Windows in the way windows whant them to do it.. They just follow the natural way of doing something...

    I think we should start to put more effort to help new computer user discover linux than try to convince windows user that Linux is good.. Let's use the same tactic as microsoft. If they use it at school they'll use it @home and @work!